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A Taste of Real Ale in Scotland

Scotland may be thought of as the home of whisky, but it has a long-standing connection with the brewing of real ale. There are numerous breweries throughout the country, each specializing in different varieties to suit all palates.

McEwan's India Pale Ale label

Why is Scottish Ale Different?

The climate of Scotland is said to account for the fact that its ale is somewhat different. The beer is often sweeter and darker, with a warmth to it, ideal for the colder environment. However, newer breweries are now adopting a lighter style using a more generous amount of hops, appealing to the younger generation.

The Best Breweries

With so many breweries in Scotland, it is somewhat challenging to name the best. However, here are a few that should be tried. The Black Wolf Brewery is based in Stirling and was previously called Traditional Scottish Ales. The Whisky Ale is an unexpected pleasure. The Harviestoun Brewery had its humble beginnings in a shed but now produces an award-winning range of real ale. Bitter & Twisted is one to try, and it has won gold medals. The Inveralmond Brewery creates beers that take their inspiration from the Grampian mountains. Their best sellers include Lia Fail and Ossian.

When next visiting Scotland, take some time to explore the local real ale and get to know the breweries. Discover the variety of tastes from wheat beer to pale ale and so many more flavours.


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